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Terms of Use

Effective 4/08

This planner should be availaible to every railmuseum or historic rail organisation inside europe for publishing their own events for the named reasons.
All entries are submitted by the organiser himself. The liability for correctness and content of the entries lies by the organiser. This applies also to all Hyperlinks submitted within the entries.

Published entries in the planner may only be changed in a limited way. Each entry is connected to its organiser and thus allows a direct identification.

Each event may only be submitted once (per day of event). Events which are organised together by several associations or persons are to be submitted once from the main organiser. Events which last longer than a day, may and should be shown on several days by submitting all single days of the event.

The Eisenbahnplaner reserves the right to delete single entries or to completely block the organisers account in case of violation of rules, laws or morality. No charges will be refunded to the organiser in that case. We won't admit claims.

Terms of Use - integration of your events in your homepage

You are allowed to integrate your events into your own homepage via "bind_as_frame.php". The is not reliable for any downtimes of this page.
If you do this, the caption "Our events in the Eisenbahnplaner" must be visible unless you have another link to us and asked us if it is ok.

Fees/Test Stage

New users can test the Railway-Planner for the first six months. It is possible to publish as many events as you like. Afterwards you will have to extend your account by paying a small amount of 160€ per year less discounts.

The Contract begins with the first payment and lasts one year. It can be renewed by one year at any time. It will be renewed automatically two months before the end of entering time.

entering events:
Events taking place within the paid period can be entered. To enter later events the contract has to be renewed.

The automatic renewal can be canceled any time, so that the contract will end when the paid period ends.

You can get a discount (50€ each) for

both can be entered on the userdata page.
Wen you get the discount for linking us, you have to keep the link for at least one year.

Payment methods
You can pay via transfer or collection at your choise. When you choose transfer your contract will be renewed one week afer the transfer is complete. When you pay via collection the contract will be renewed imidiately. You will be charged for extra costs in case of an uncovered account.


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